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You are getting yourself all worked up based on a rumour posted on an anonymous website that could have been written by someone who was deaf, dumb or blind and quite possibly all of the above.

As an AL pilot I can categorically state that there have been no rumours of any cadet scheme in any shape or form. Yes the current manager of training is known to have a fondness for cadet schemes and yes the majority of pilots would have been through integrated courses. But you need to balance those historical factors with the current economic climate in which AL operates. Ask yourself if AL would want to spend an awful lot of money and wait a minimum of 18 months getting a basic CPL/IR holder into the RHS of a sim to start their type rating. It will be about 2 years before they will be released to the line. Then look to its competitors who will invest little or nothing and can have any manner of medium jet rated people at the drop of a hat.

Yes we are short of pilots and yes there are more to leave and there are probably more again on special leave who won't come back to the crap T&C's on offer. BUT I do not think we can hire at all for the forseeable future due to the ongoing voluntary severence scheme. To find out when the earliest date for recruitment could be then I suggest you focus your efforts on the revenue.ie website. To help you out the VS scheme should be finished by 31st October 2010. There is a lot of press recently in respect of what can occur should you rehire following a VS scheme which you can read up on for background information. Search both the DAA and AL.
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