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Thank you, Lotpax, for that gratuitous advice.

I can only hope that if you are served by "Flight Attendant" on your Club class flight today she (or he) can be bothered to offer you hot towels.

It's a point about which she (or he) is somewhat particular. She (or he) has often told us hot towels are one of BASSA's main weapons in its struggle against her (or his) oppressive employer, British Airways. So she (or he) takes action against the very passengers who contribute so much to paying her (or his) salary. Crazy, but that's the way this person fights her (or his) personal war.

I am sorry to be so coy and circumspect in describing this person but she (or he), who seems to believe she (or he) is a legend in her (or his) own bunk break time, has a distinct aversion to being identified in any way or form. That's strange, seeing that she (or he) is probably one of the most zealous promoters of the BASSA cause on these boards.

So no names, no pack drill.

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