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Are you now saying that Bill Francis is not to be believed and Bassa were right all along?If this has now changed then crew will have no faith in anyone!!
Nobody was lying. That was part of the deal that the BASSA membership rejected. That deal is not on the table anymore so any promises in it aren't either. The ones who signed have the pay protection so route transfer isn't as much of an issue.
Are you saying BA have lied to those of us who signed up to the offer re-route transfer?
Is that why senior managers are holding drop in sessions on Eurofleet for Pursers and CSDs to see how they can utilise and manage both these supervisory grades more effectively? That deal is very much there. I happen to have it too and I will ask Bill Francis next time I see him to see if you guys are right. It is a contract we have with BA and it makes no sense whatsoever to have us sitting at home on full pay while Mixed Fleet do these routes. By the way, please stop calling us Legacy or Heritage crew.
We are CTCs!
For your information that is Current Talented Crew and we are the best!
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