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As far as I am concerned, if I'm cleared for a VOR due to the weather, the Creek Corridor goes out the window. That is only a noise abatement procedure when the weather is fine and beaut.

As for circling at 910, there is nothing to stop a crew overflying for a circuit at 910 if they can't make a comfortable conversion to a oblique left base off the VOR approach, provided they have been trained to do so. Commercially, that is a no-brainer.

The fact that different crews on the same fleet are doing different things (910/1500) points to a lack of confidence in being able to use the real minima - which points to lack of training.

there will be an RNAV Z shortly that includes Cat C & D, but unfortunately it won't be available til after ILS is back.
What is really needed is an RNAV onto 33 for when the LLZ is out. That is hairy at night. But I guess the hills would make an RNAV design difficult.
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