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Who are you suggested was doing the censuring?
Not you.

If you read the list of posts, it reads like one member appears to be censured for having the temerity to wonder who would know more details. A curt - the BOI.

It occurs quite a bit on these threads. Crashing aircraft was something that most of us live/lived with - anyone here knows that it happened to 'someone else' or wasn't so bad they couldn't walk away.

Then we get those that jump on their high horse and castigate people for theorising - not everyone here is a journo.

In another life, even I was a Station Flight Safety Officer and have had a healthy interest in accident causes. Tell me that we all don't have a minor theory (or more).

Yes, that C17 display is impressive, BUT tell me that those angles of bank/pitch are allowable. Whilst an old aircraft, the C130K limits were 45 deg bank with any flap. It's impressive up to the point where disaster occurs.

Look at the B52 video of the high bank turn. It looked brilliant, right up to the point he lost it and killed everybody. Theories at the time were high bank angle stall - it's happened time and again, irrespective of aircraft type.

Just sounds like it may have happened again. That's just a guess and it hurts nobody that's likely to read it here.

I am glad the jet 'looks after the crew', but sadly many aircraft fitted with things like TAWS, GPWS and TCAS still commit CFIT or middairs.
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