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TTB in a triwall.

'It's alright Pete she's fit solo'

'3-2's a maximum not a minimum sir'

All the boys named Phil

JH's arrival interview

The Banana House; or at least you think it is while playing the piano and emptying the fridge before the apparition CD descends to ask wtf!

AR and GS's first arrival into Aldergrove with top cover escort

Pink milk for breakfast all winter

Seeing GS's ugly mug outside the cockpit window

Taking the RUC Front Row for an early morning snatch.

'Ave you seen my maestro; it's faster than a ferrari diablooooooooo and you get an ironing board in sideways'

Throwing yourself out he bar window and breaking your collar bone

Cold wet night at the pit, push through the scuffers to double tap the pit

Discussing the merits of the young ladette while she is still on the long lead

Meet crew at the pit and then walk off leaving car running outside the armoury the day after changing the plates without doing the paperwork.


Happy days
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