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We could start with some really "wimpish" ones and take ten years to tell all?!
How about:
Wessex at Bessbrook
Pilot: Tap-tap-taps on torque gauge glass, trying to get it to read.
Crewman says "if you hit it that hard Sir, you will break it"!
Pilot: "I know exactly what I am doing crewman, thank-you"
Tap-tap-tinkle "oh f**ck"!

Bessbrook chair trick
You need:
5 comfy armchairs
6 bored crew (not difficult!)
a telephone
poor weather (even less difficult!)

The game starts with everyone having a seat except you, bladders-busting or not they all stay put!
Go to end room, phone Aldergrove, speak to mate / Ops / OC 72 etc.
They phone Buzzard (Army Ops) asking for one of the guys who is sat down.
On reaching the phone he is told "message from ....., he is in your seat"!!

So now the phone rings again
"OC 72 for Flt Lt ......"
"Yeah-right pi** off, you arent getting my seat"
"No, no its really is OC 72"!!??
And so on, endless fun.

You see, I think we could tell a few careful ones, not like the time.........
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