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The loading of the S92 is a very important factor every time, as it is for any aircraft, and it is important to note that the CG is different for all aircraft. Just because you could do something in an S61, does not necessarily mean it can be done the same way in a Puma or a S92 or any other type for that matter. I understand the desire for knowledge here form HLOs and pax, but I am a little concerned when someone working as an HLO openly claims to disagree with an operators procedure. Without intending to be patronising, I expect HLOs do not have a full understanding of the CG, and indeed are not responsible for calculating it on each flight, the aircraft commander is.
The longitudinal CG datum is 341.2 inches forward of the rotor centroid. The aft limit is 360.8 inches aft of datum for all masses above 17,300 lbs (7845 kg). The forward limit is 341.8 inches aft of datum for masses from 17,300 lbs (7845 kg) to 20,850 lbs (9455 kg), thereafter decreasing linearly to 346.8 inches aft at 26,500 lbs (12,020 kg).
The issues and dangers of being out of limits of CG are very real, and can cause very serious control issues, and this will directly manifest itself most likely at critical points such as take off and landing when flaring. The CG limit effectively varies in the S92 according to all up mass and dry operating index - which itself is in part a function of the type of fit the operator is using. Therefore the number of pax, the amount of fuel and the mass of the baggage all has a part to play in determining the loading. It is certainly possible to load the S92 beyond its rear CG limit in normal operations if the calculations are not performed. The commander will do these calculations for every flight, even though they are time consuming, so if you are being asked to load from the front, it is because the commander has calculated the load , and requires you to enable him to keep the CG forward to remain within limits. To simply state you disagree with this policy, is, in my opinion a rather uneducated view, so if you do require further clarification, I suggest you contact the operator and ask for a full explanation of all of the CG graphs and tables used, but please understand that it is an entirely controlled process and not just a case of "oh well, just load 'em up from the front"
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