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IFR hours

WODKA - When you are operating in the LTMA flying in Class A airspace - (For example from EGKH, where the base of the TMA is 3500ft and you operate up to FL120 remaining within 1.5 of the centre of the airfield) you are definitely operating under Instrument Flight Rules.

You may not be IMC at the time, but you are flying in the same (Class A) airspace as other IFR traffic (Airliners etc). All clearances you are given by London are IFR clearances.

You should know this! in your BPA ops manual it states in black and white, to operate in class A airspace - the PIC needs a valid IR/Rating or IMC/rating with an exemption from the relevant authority, if required.

A simple way of testing this (If you are brave enough) is to try flying VFR in the LTMA and see what the London controllers tell you to do!

If you don't use "Instrument Flying Rules" whilst flying in the LTMA you will come un-stuck very quickly.

Safe flying

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