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I'm assuming you're one of those "charting" types? Not my cup of tea, but I'm always interested in hearing what you reckon anyway! It's all good sport in my opinion! I hope it works for you!

My 2c....I prefer the "great stocks at a good price" and the "buy and hold" philosophy. I've been very lucky...I got out completely in Oct 07, back in around Dec last year, and have just sold it all again last week. Not quite buy and hold, but when it starts to get crazy, I cash out. Rule number one of investing, Don't lose money!!

So, while I'm nothing more than a curious observer of the charting types, I have to agree...this one has "dead cat" written all over it!!

I hate to wish financial harm to anyone, but I've got my fingers crossed we crash again soon and I can get back in at just the right time.....if I do, I'll be farting through silk for the rest of my days, and I can turn flying from a job to a hobby!!
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