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Thanks for your post!

My original post was only intended to put out my thoughts about where we are in this economic cycle- based on all the research I do.

The guys I follow are not exactly right ALL the time, regarding every daily twist and turn - who can be?

One thing for certain though- they are the ONLY guys I know who correctly predicted the major turns of world markets- but mainly the US ones. They're US based.

And now they are calling for a Multi-Month rally to relieve alot of the recent downside.

From the top of Oct 07 there will be 5 legs to complete the bear market.
Wave 1 was completed early March 09- we are now at the onset of wave 2 to correct a portion of the wave 1 down move. After that comes Wave 3 which is most always the worst of the bear market- it will be horrific- worldwide- and it is then we will see the firmer roots of economic depression kick in- particularly the US. Talks of war will strengthen. With whom you may ask- most anybody because now the social mood is very angry.
Wave 4 will then correct upwards a portion of wave 3 down- after which the ending move down will be wave 5 down; usually less intense than wave 3 but not necessarily.

It is also typical of wave 2 behaviour that the promise- and talk- of a renewed bull market kicks in. People start to feel better about things.The media will declare the worst behind us and sunny days ahead. WATCH OUT THEN!

It is also natural human behaviour to deride those who speak out thus; the worst hasn't kicked in, social mood (which creates ALL markets-bull and bear) is still hopefully optimistic and the very notion of what I'm relaying seems farfetched. I understand that.

Merely puting my bit in.
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