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Perhaps if you are a relic of TAA you should realise the benefits of organised Unions i.e. unity.
You should also realise how quickly personel in Unions turn over.
Many of the members of AIPA were still in school (some in primary) when TAA were still flying Australian skys.
The people you hold a grudge against are probably long forgotten.
The sooner pilots stop with their pathetic fighting against each other and start working together, the sooner we can stop this continuous spiteful race to the bottom.
If you've been around aviation long enough to have worked for TAA you should know so called 'Sky Gods' are around in all facets of aviation and are not limited to QF.
Maybe the sooner you retire 'old man' and become a 'Sky God' at your local aero club, the sooner we can look forward to building a new Union of all professional pilots in this country.
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