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No your not allowed to do that, Going Modular then paying for a rating and even hours on type, god forbid. You become a low life who will never have sex with another human being again and bits of you might well drop off and often do.

Then again if you go Oxford or CTC, or for that case any Integrated, not only do you get offered a job with a big airline, you get a gold plated license and a brand new shiny Audi, (it used to be a BMW, but as Top Gear pointed out, Audi's are now driven by 's), if you get to Ryanair, like lots of integrated students do, not only have you had the privilege of paying lots more money for a fATPL, but you also have the privilege of paying out for a TR, great! And lets us not forget, 'this is not just a fATPL its a INTERGRATED fATPL'.

Or so I am told.............

The reality of course is quite different, People will do whatever helps them get a job, end of. Moaning that it is wrong, well that does not get you anywhere. But we can all moan and bitch, just look at the thread regarding a young 777 FO.
The airline industry does not owe you anything, so people will pay for ratings and hours on type, heck at the moment it is cheaper to get 500 hours on a 737NG, very new ones at that, than 500 hours in a old C172.

Not saying its right, but lets keep it real.
Happy flying
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