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Mercenary Pilot - "Maintenance sorties are by their very nature, hazardous non-standard operations."

DaveReidUK - Do explain.
I am in NO way trying to make light of this incident, but it does bring to mind a "test hop" I was a Flight Engineer on after a DC-6 of ours had an aileron change. The Captain showed up and wanted to know why we were doing a test hop. He was told because of the aileron change. He said, "Fine, I'll do it but I want the mechanic who did the work and signed off on the work to be aboard." After some doing, the mechanic showed up and we took off. I have never seen such a true "white-knuckle" flyer in my life! The Captain was putting the aircraft through some pretty sharp turns, etc., giving the ailerons a good workout. It even made ME nervous. We completed the flight, no problem. The mechanic got off but he was soaking wet with sweat!

Normally test hops are done by "management" pilots these days, as "line" pilots are not paid to do that kind of flying as it CAN be dangerous if something were to go wrong.
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