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JAA PPL Exercise Syllabus List

Hi All,

I have previously flown 7 flights / 5 hours in a Glider, and now am preparing, saving and doing the odd flight for training for my PPL. The plan is to save around 5k which will be around May 09, and then start with approx 5 lessons a month.

I have been reading up on the PPL literature needed for the course, and have had my first trial lesson which ended up in my log book. Apparently we covered exercises 4.1 and 4.2. Now I have looked for a definitive list of exercises needed to cover for the PPL and haven't found anything.

Also, flying privately with someone who owns an aircraft - I am under the understanding this would not directly count towards the PPL? Which is why I am after a list of exersises so i can write them in the remarks section.

So, can anyone post all of the points in the syllabus?


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