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I generally make the following calls:

- 10 nm inbound "XXX TFC, ABC is one zero miles NW, 4500, inbound, XXX"
- Overhead the runway (I know you don't have to, and if it's busy I don't always throw it in, but it lets the guys in the circuit know where you are, and if noones in the circuit it lets people know which runway is in use. My current companies rule is to make an overfly call when overflying a CTAF.
- Joining X-Wind. (You DO NOT have to make a turning downwind call when joining crosswind)
- Turning Base with intentions
- I also do make departure calls, mainly along the lines of "XXX departed from downwind <Aerodrome> at time __, tracking 220 to <Next point>, on climb to 5500 passing 2500." Generally don't use the ETA for next reporting point. Making this call has given a heads up to potentially conflicting traffic more than once, and it also means that the guy behind you in the circuit isn't left wondering what you're doing.
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