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YHOX today
VH-XXX "hoxton blah bla, 5 miles west inbound at 1700 ft"
VH-XXX "hoxton blah 3 miles west inbound at 1700 ft
VH-XXX "above runway 34 at 1700 will descend to circuit on the dead side"
VH-XXX "turning downind on the dead side of circuit and descending"
VH-XXX "joining circuit crosswind 34 blah blah
tunring downwind call, turning base call, turning final call...

thats was enough, but worst of all, there were 2 aircraft doing the exact same calls!!!! both within about 1 minute of each other! with me joining the circuit as well, there would have been no chance of a 4th aircraft to get even 1 call in! i was struggling to find a gap in the constant commentary to get my standard calls in!
throw in their accents, and the situation was beyond a joke!
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