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Simplex, past presidents have done very well thank you very much. Without them, we wouldnít have resolved all the issues weighing us down since 2001.

They have done well serving a very pusillanimous pilot group.

You should be very proud of what they accomplished with what they are working with.

Yes it is all about money and we will not put money where is it not needed. We donít have a problem retaining crew, so that group will not receive a payrise.

We have a problem with freighter captains, so the first number of years of freighter command received an increase. You get the picture, no need, no money.

Goodwill has a price but the pilot group is too stupid to realise this and most have been giving us goodwill free of charge for very long time. We compensate these individual in the form of EFP or GDO callout and most accept this form of payment. Again we thank those captains. Even without EFP pay, most feel the GDO compensation is more than adequate by the numbers accepting the GDO compensation.

The money we will save by reducing bypass pay and extending on B Scale pay and benefits will be extraordinary.

We will have very few pilots on the higher salary and benefits known as A scale. Most Captains are now on B scale and now the extenders will be on B scale, so you may even see another DHL letter sent to those pilots with another sign on the new B scale conditions or have your contract terminated. Again most will sign as they are too old to move onto other airlines and they have their money bucket somewhat full and will accept B Scale. We are in discussions now, so please standby.

The AOA survey is coming to a close very shortly and once again choose your answers wisely, especially the latter part of the questionnaire (thank you to the captain that supplied us with his user name and password). Some careers may depend on it and it may be yours.

Enjoy the Cathay Pacific Sevenís this weekend. Sitting in the Cathay Pacific Corporate Box and being served good food and drink makes me think I was a pilot but my package is much more. Now I know where some pilots get their superiority complex by having pretty girls serve them food and drink.

Thank you for My Bonus

The Management
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