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I can see the benefit of 65 (I'm older than I look!). However, filling up the bases the way the company wants to is not on. The only people to benefit in the scheme the company tried to bludgeon through were senior captains who were happy to work out of LHR. They got the base, the money and the option to work 'till 65 - everyone else with a European interest lost.

The people who should be compensated for an increase in retirement age are those who are going to have their commands delayed without the benefit of bypass pay. If they want to just increase retirement age on a base then they should also look at overhauling the base structure.

Retirement age 55 and bypass pay were in my CoS when I signed up and if change is required then it should be negotiated fairly. The TUPE negotiations were the first step towards fair negotiation so I'm optimistic that the retirement age negotiations can proceed along similar lines......or have I been smoking the same stuff as midnight?
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