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Veering of the wind in gusty condition is something I alway take into consideration. I'm not sure where I have learned about this (I think it was A KLM procedure) But the rule was that during a gust the wind may change up to 30 degrees increase in direction, at EU lattitudes and obviously on the northern side of this planet.

With this consideration I wander what would have been the most favourable runway?

Control laws on the 320's are roll rate 0 when no stick input, so my understanding is that in such case if you input rudder (altough slowely) you will not bank as a result. Also as stick input gives roll rate demand there is no link between aileron deflection and stick input, so a higher approach speed makes no difference in response rate from pilot input. I do remember something about a change in these laws during landing, but I'm not sure. I do believe that the control laws in such conditions may not be a great help.

Curious to see the outcome of this investigation.

Cheers, Nick
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