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I know you're management but I'll answer anyway for others to read.

It is pretty simple, what mainline pilots want is mainline flying. Simple really.

As Led Zep said:

Jetstar aircraft as allocated from the Qantas group must be flown by Jetstar pilots, no matter what the number or type.
I agree

All we want is the same for Qantas aircraft. OK! Got it?

A GOAL means that eventually (and it is LONG TERM THINKING) people will get to pick and choose where they go, but in the short term the existing pilots just get what they would have got anyway, but without having to undercut and compete with anyone to get it.

There are some in the J* ranks who want to undercut us to fly the A380 for QF. The same people, no doubt, who think it is OK to undercut Led Zep and his mates by offering to work on an AWA with the recent EBA4 conditions as rejected by the rest of the J* Pilots.

There are some in our ranks who want to nuke the j* guys by offering massive savings spread over all the QF fleets (which would in reality only be a small offset given the size of our fleets) to get ALL 787's and ALL future widebody aircraft.

I think both these MINORITIES are crazy. If we unite we don't need to screw each other. Got it?

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