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I am missing something. Thus far I have not seen any admission by AIPA's fleet of spokespersons that there is anything in this for AIPA Mainline pilots at all!
  • Jetstar pilots will get even faster promotion (is that possible?)
  • QF drivers will have to wait
  • AIPA will provide "expertise"
  • AIPA leaders love and respect Jetstar and its pilots
  • AIPA has no designs on the 787s
Beats me why they'd bother then. Unless its for the sheer joy of doing a "good" turn for Jetstar pilots. Or do they have another agenda waiting in the shadows relating to assimilation and the eventual demise of JQ with a subsequent loss of jobs overall and great harm to the Groups competitive position and capability. But the Jetstar pilots, as they fall on their swords, will have done their duty....and preserved the pay and conditions of the 744 drivers.

Just a thought
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