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So what is the answer Led Zep? Have 2 groups bidding for flying by trying to undercut each other? That is what QF management wants. By segmenting the business, the CEO if I remember right has stated he wants various groups to compete aggressively for capital allocation amongst the group.

For me personally, if they want to undercut, they can have it. I am at the stage in life I would rather stay an F/O (should have stayed an S/O to be honest but that is another story) than go for a command on crap conditions.

From what I understand, the ultimate goal of AIPA is to have a common group seniority list. While it may cost me some, and have some Jetstar people in front of me in the future, I am not worried if short term pain leads to long term gain in the next 30 years or so.

Until everybody in this country unites, no matter how painful the process is, the competition among ourselves will lead to much more pain through the course of most of our careers.

Spend a little now to save a lot in the future. We are not managers whose bonus depends on this years income, we are people in this for the long haul who want a sustainable future. The energy spent competing against each other could be better directed fighting management.

As one group, imagine the extra power we would hold over the company if we both had an open EBA, both were after the same goals, and were both prepared to take action to the next level to achieve it?

If people only want to think of the next 12 months and not the rest of their careers however, then leave things as they are.
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