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Keith Myath
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Nuts and Bolts of what’s needed (mostly nuts in the current climate!!).

1) EBA 4 gets voted down.

2) Jetstar pilots get better organised, sort out union representation.

3) Pilot body elucidate what is needed to have a successful vote.

4) Submit a log of claims to company.

5) Begin negotiations.

6) After current EBA expires, pilot body remains cohesive and takes all necessary steps to take protected industrial action if required.

7) Pilots use the threat of PIA to counteract the BS, half-truths and fear campaign that will be mounted by the HR department.

8) Company and pilots return to the negotiating table to negotiate in “good faith”


8a) or a complete s**t fight breaks out, company refuses to move on the 3% and other key claims, pilots throw the schedule into chaos with refusal to extend duty, taking the full 2 hours to report for duty on avail days, refusal to work on days off, turning up to work on time – not early, instrument approaches at every opportunity, inability to accept track shortening etc etc etc.

8b) Escalate to stop work meetings.

8c) Virgin and Tiger’s load factors shoot up past 90%.

8d) Someone blinks……. pilots or HR??

Without the threat of industrial action, negotiation will always be one sided.

Now, return from the parallel universe where the pilots stick together to achieve the legitimate threat of PIA, to the current universe where a fair proportion of the Yes voters will take AWA’s if this is voted down again, and tell me how negotiations will go come expiry of the current EBA.

In case some of you people don’t get it WE HAVE ALREADY BLINKED.

CC - have I missed any steps?

$100 says this EBA gets up.
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