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Naive maybe but still worth striving for.


I donít quite understand how you can make any link between AIPA and its actions with regard to the Jet* EBA and the HKAOA and its handling of the Ď49erísí. Why not chose some other emotional and unrelated historical event like say............. I dunno............... the UN and the genocide in Rwanda. Theyíre about as closely related.

ďDon't get me wrong...I'd love to see all QF groups pilots on a single list/one union representative basis, as long as a sensible approach was used within the varying contexts of sundry group types/operations etc, rather than 70s style unionism.

There is just NO WAY that will happen in the real world. It is a childishly naive piece of wishful thinking.Ē
The strength of sentiments in the second of these two paragraphs leads me to think that you donít really want what you mention in the first to happen at all. It kind of sounds like when people say, ďIím, not racist but, ........ (insert racist anecdote or story).Ē

From everything Iíve seen from AIPA with regards to a group list (and based on how the original Australian Airlines and Qantas seniority list were merged) the ideals youíve expressed as desirable are exactly what theyíre after. They do want it to be sensible and allow the sundry group types/operations to have control over their own destiny, but in a way that means we canít be used divisively against each other. Surely you can see this division is what Qantas management is trying to achieve? (Fairly successfully in many cases) I certainly havenít seen anything from AIPA that has any resemblance toward 70ís wharfy-style-unionism.

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