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AIPA cannot bed down mainline EBAs in a timely manner...what 18 months and counting...
Throwing a line like that out without providing the context is quite mischievous Chim Chuck.

The reason that EBA8 has dragged on so long lies solely at the feet of Qantas Airways. AIPA had an MoU that provided for time relief for our President and other personnel as required- this included the negotiators. QF chose to renege on that MoU- despite the fact that it had been previously negotiated into EBAs and QF agreed that it would be put into an MoU if the last EBA got up. So the EBA gets up- previous regime- and QF decide that they're not interested in the MoU anymore. Now we're faced with the reality of trying to coordinate three crew on two different fleets getting time off on the same dates that the company may choose to be (or not be sometimes) available. Previously these crew would be able to drop and/or rearrange trips to get the required dates but no more.

Further, I know for a fact that AIPA has in the past and continues today to take an interest in the Jetconnect deal. Unfortunately it's a foreign entity based in a foreign country and so my understanding is that there is little influence for us to have on that at the moment. However, lack of appearance of effort does not mean that lots isn't happening behind the scenes. That's CRM 103 isn't it? I would have expected you to know that one.
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