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At last it is out there in public. To read more about how QANTAS bosses... plan to establish a two-tiered workforce that will see some full-time employees hired on less pay and lower conditions than existing staff, visit:


To the innocent bystander, Jetstar management's decision to use AFAP and Jetstar to cut down to size Qantas pilots is just one ill conceived aspect of the plan.

If Jetstar pilots ever want to get a better contract and if Qantas pilots want to fly the 787 for other than on a Jetstar contract, there are going to have to get together.

While they are divided, management will continue to play both sides against the centre.

If I were a Jetstar pilot, I'd again vote down the current EBA and if I were a Qantas pilot Id be making it clear to Dixon that unless the divide is filled in, Qantas pilots will Strike.
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