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The ANZAC day Analogy is this: I am in the military. I usually head out for a drink on ANZAC day. You think my colleagues and I are "protect species, public servants." I know I'll be able to identify you on ANZAC day when out because you'll be the one telling me what you think.

Stevie G,

You are incorrect. It depends on the price elasticity of demand for airline travel. Using you analogy why don't QF just increase the ticket prices by the amount you suggest should be passed on to the crew and pocket the money themselves. IT doesn't


Higgins is like most of the hypocritical union sycophants. Cry "Market Forces! Market Forces! when asking for a pay rise then cry unfair if wages go down.


If I'm living in a "protected paradise" on great wages, WHY DIDN'T YOU JOIN? Or if you were in why did you leave? If it's so wonderful on my side of the fence why didn't you walk into my paddock? Take responsibility for you life decisions and stop trying to feather you pocket and wallet at the expense of jobs for others.

Again, if you can just "raise" wages and raise ticket prices to pay for it with no financial loss why don't QF just raise the ticket prices and increase their profit?? Answer that one.
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