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Making Machiavelli blush

Nicely put Stevie g. The effect of pilot wages on a companiesí bottom line is tiny.

PAF, you obviously havenít dealt with any Airline management or the Industrial consultants such as Oldmeadow that they retain. (Half ya luck!) These guys do sh%t that would make Machiavelli blush. Iím not ashamed to admit that they would screw me royally if I tried to negotiate an individual contract and Iíd be stupid to try. I fly aeroplanes. I donít have a degree in Industrial Relations and have no inclination to get one. I donít even WANT to think the way these guys do. To have a Union or Association negotiate my terms and conditions on my (and my colleaguesí) behalf makes good sense and doesnít make me a rabid Communist.

And please, there is no link between getting a Union to negotiate your T & Cís and disrespecting the ANZACS. What a lame link to make.

PS: Good luck when you leave the ADF (Best if you donít) and try to negotiate your own contract with these guys. Believe me youíll need it because theyíll see you coming.

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