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So from my reading of PAF's worldview:

Any one who is a member of a union is a rabid socialist - does that include, say, the doctors associations? Or surgeons associations who look after there members by recommending higher fees? Unions are meant to maximise the "profits" of their members ...... nothing to do with socialism. Even companies are members of associations to represent them JOINTLY in various aspects of their business .... this is the way the REAL world works.

As for moving the demand curve down because pilots want a higher salary - and result in a loss of jobs - doing the math - if a two crew pilot pulls, say $400/hour (generous?), and the average cost of flying say a 737 is say $16,000 an hour (low I'd guess), for a total of $16,400 ..... a 10% pilot payrise would take total costs to $16,440 ... a 0.24% increase! You'd be lucky to lose 0.24% of customers. Should we take a 10% pay cut to get 0.24% more customers. I'd say not .....

So all in all, in a capitalist system where supply and demand are key, when supply of pilots is down and demand is up ..... their price should rise .... unless you don't believe in capitalism.
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