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Keg: You make a reasonable point claiming QANTAS to be a Monopsony, however I don't think that applies given the recruiting of overseas airlines. Pilot's are upward and mobile enough to accept a job overseas. If you don't wish to - that's a financial decision you make.

Speedy: Ahhh.. yet another man who on ANZAC day will be yelling "You're all public servants, you bunch of protected species." Let me guess, you respect WWII vets but no-one else right?

Speeedy, If you need to join a union you've admitted you can't survive in the real world alone anyway. Don't lecture me on survival when you need a group of socialists to state your case for you! If you want a union to represent you that's fine - but don't lecture others that they "won't survive in the 'real world'". You get by in the real world by paying other people to deal with it. You don't deal with the real world, you outsource it. Just because you can't deal with what you refer to as the real world doesn't mean others can't.

You're only dealing with the real world at PPRuNe over the last 2 years of your membership appears to be slagging off JetStar. For someone with 11,000 hours there is only one reason why you would do that - trying to convince others below you not to accept jobs they are happy with because you fear it will have an effect on your salary. Is that the real world? Try to bully people into not accepting jobs they aspire to because you feel it may effect the nest you've created?

Real World indeed. I've got your number pegged. Join a union and let them strike the case for your pay rise whilst trying to intimidate those coming through the system to not accept any job you think may effect your position.
(increase your worth by ensuring others can't do your job)

If you think ADF or APS employees are "protected from the real world" then half your salary and apply for a job my friend!

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