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Well Gee Wizz, AIPA's been around since the early 80's and 'till recently could legally only look after Mainline pilots, that might explain why they couldn't look after other group pilot problems in the Qantas juggernaught.

Probably just as well they couldn't,either, considering the simpering ,syncophantic would be's that could be, that were acting very much like JPC doppleganger's back then.

Tell me genex, this AIPA mob you're so keen to cane, aren't they the Union representing the pilots of an airline that announced how many $10's of millions profit?
Just how much profit would JetStar make if you stripped out all the cross subsidisation?

I think everyone on this websight is of the opinion, "A fair days pay for a fair day's work", the basis of nearly 110 years of industrial policy in this country ,until little jackboot Johnny got carried away with his WorkChoices Perestroika.
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