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Yawn.........time for bed children. You've had a big day Jumping to conclusions, Running down dead end tracks, Plastering over cracks in your own arguments and Making your own bed so you can lie in it. (Gee I'm good!).

Look, I've been flying a long time all over the world. I honestly think that the B777 was what God had in mind when He invented flying. I have shared skies with many of you and cockpits with some. I am neither a fool nor an ogre.BUt I have sen a lot of this before.

I am simply, in the nicest CRM way....sharing some thoughts about how Qantas might best meet the challenges ahead. Of those thoughts some are no doubt wrong or mis-guided. My joy is in the forum, not getting my own way. I only ask that AIPA take itself with the same dash of salt and remember that much as we think that we know it all in the cockpit (as we should!)....outside of it there are competing ideas. I have lived in worlds where jobs faded like snow in the sun and it is not fun. Afterwards is too late that's all I'm trying to say.

Safe flying. It has been a long day and new challenges will come tomorrow. Chill.
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