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Everyone who reads Prune knows that it is a rumour network and rumours can be misleading but blatant deception is not acceptable

Take for example Mr Genex's posts above

The Qantas mainline pilots want the 787. Full stop. And they want it on their terms......Unfortunately Qantas' competitors are laughing themselves stupid over the naivety of AIPA's stance and really hoping that AIPA gets to destroy Jetstar.

Obviously Mr Genex doesn't know, and sounds like he would prefer if Ppruners didn't know either, that AIPA is very supportive of a Group Opportunity List (GOAL) which would like all Qantas group pilots.

According to those I speak to on AIPAís committee, while career progress would be in accordance with the GOAL, those who choose to fly for Qantas are on mainline T's & C's, those who choose to fly for Jetstar are on Jetstar T's & C's and Qantaslink has its own T's & Cs.

The BS like AIPA's wants to destroy Jetstar by destroying the LCC concept is just that - BS.

Jetstar crews wanting to find out what the real story is need to get along to one of the Open Forums AIPA is hosting in:
-Brisbane at the Riverview Hotel at 2pm on the 25/02/08,
-Adelaide at the Hilton Hotel at 2pm on the 26/02/08,
-Melbourne at the Airport Hilton Hotel at 2pm on the 27/02/08 and
-Sydney at AIPA conference room (Level 6, 247 Coward St Mascot) at 2pm on the 29/02/08.

In the meantime Mr Genex should tell us all how he thinks Jetstar is going to get the experienced pilots its needs to grow the business if Jetstar canít get access to mainlines 10 yr+ F/Oís?

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