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genex you demonstrate a remarkable ability to totally misunderstand (probably deliberately) the AIPA viewpoint.

It has been clearly enunciated many times that this is not about Qantas mainline, this is about the Qantas Group - that includes Mainline LH & SH, Qlink AND Jetstar.

AIPA does not have the inclination to choose which airlines the group places resources in (they know they don't have that power), but they want to have unity so that one party can not be played off against another. It really is that simple.

This is what a group opportunity list is all about.

It also will solve the impending Pilot recruitment issues for Qlink and Jetstar because who wouldn't want a career where the long term choices are so varied? As far as the company is concerned, with the right limits in place the cost of training could actually be less!

Why don't they want it? It comes back to Unity, they don't want us to have it, it is so obvious, even you must see that, right?

Jetstar on legacy conditions.... No No No. Again you have no idea of what AIPA has said, they see a place for very different T&C's for a LCC, but forgive them if they think it should be 1st world LCC wages that they seek rather than 3rd world. Virgin and AO or there abouts is what had been stated by AIPA I believe.

As for mainline T&C's, I think there is realism there... In fact AIPA told the company at the beginning of EBA8 that "everything" was on the table to streamline the award. The companies response was that they didn't have the IT resources to do massive changes so best to tinker round the edges like they have done for years.

Any comments from management about the "convoluted" LH award should be taken with a grain of salt, given that they couldn't be stuffed to enter into meaningful discussions about fixing it.

If Jetstar guys choose AIPA to represent them then guess what? It will be a group of Jetstar guys that do the work, not dreaded mainline guys trying to steal their 787's. In fact it will be a lot like the JPA, but this time they'll be getting advice from AIPA rather than Oldmeadow, that has to be better does it not? (maybe you are Oldmeadow? it would make a lot of sense!).
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