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Now I am really confused. Somehow AIPA wants the JPA to get "bigger kohunas". As I understand it you mean "Kahuna", some sort of Hawaiian priest or magician. Such a person would no doubt bring more industrial expertise to the Qantas Group than AIPA can. So good point.

If on the other hand you meant "cojones" which is another thing all together and relates to testicular dimensions.....then AIPA would certainly be the wrong place to look. because while to Heritage Fleet Dinosaur pilots "balls" = " I hate Jetstar"......to most others balls are part of that wonderfully complex mechanism via which the human species ensures its own survival. I hardly think that AIPA's thus far non-stellar role in ensuring the Group's future matches that analogy. More like a condom really....play it real safe....ensure no regeneration...and end up discarded.
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