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The Qantas mainline pilots want the 787. Full stop. And they want it on their terms. Reminds me of a T-shirt my then teenage daughter had "I want it all and I want it on room service".

Unfortunately Qantas' competitors are laughing themselves stupid over the naivety of AIPA's stance and really hoping that AIPA gets to destroy Jetstar. Then you'll see the carnage.

Currently the 787 is predicted to be about 2-3000 lbs overweight with a SFC shortfall. Add AIPA demands to that and it'll barely make money even when full. No doubt however what it lacks in substance would be made up for in style.

The Heritage Airline days went. Maybe you didn't notice but they've just gone and the Group needs to be competitive.

And I don't know many JQ pilots but I sincerely hope none is dumb enough to fall for the "I'm from AIPA and I'm here to help you" BS.
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