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Posted by KM, a revote will get up because of the enemy within.
I also voted NO but will vote YES next because of the action of people like CC(assumption). A unified Qantas group is now highly unlikely because we cant even maintain a unified Jetstar group following the vote(awa being asked for hours after the vote finalised)

I am still of the opinion that the proposed EBA is crap. We should have been able to achieve so much more, with the proviso that the pilot group remained united. I voted NO, and believed that the will of the majority of the pilots would have been respected, I thought that I knew the consequences of a no vote. However, in light of recent events stemming from about 4 hours after the close of the vote I fail to see how a fractured pilot group can achieve any better. As one of the NO voters, I will change my vote if it means new pilots will be on EBA 4 with the majority of current pilots (I believe current AWA pilots will still be excluded). The events following the vote are farcical and tragic, a sad inditement of the divisions evident within the pilot body. The ONLY way forward is united, and if this is voted down again we know what will happen. This is not a threat from management, ironically it is our own brethren that has precipitated the split.
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