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I am not sure you can conclude that the RAT was deployed from that picture. That the RAT is visible could be due to damage to the surrounding structure.
Well, you could be right there capt. Oveur. But it looks like a deployed RAT so chances are it is a deployed RAT. Seems more plausible than windshear. But in all fairness, the structure around it is quite messed up.
Fuel on the 777:

Does anyone know what spec Av fuel is uplifted out of Bejing?
The temps enroute were very low with -73 degrees OAT at around 35,000 ft.
Our fuel temp got as low as -43 degrees C but we had Jet A1. Would have been a different story with straight Jet A.
The 777 was relatively lightly loaded and would have climbed to a higher alt and more quickly and cold soaked for longer.
The 777 is not prone to fuel icing. the fuel tanks are positioned in the wings in such a way that the OAT can not "reach" the fuel and cool it down as much.

I have not seen a colder fuel temperature than around -30 degrees C on the B777, also overflying siberia. A 747 is much more affected by fuel cooling.
In China we get uplifted with jet A1 or TC1. (russian grade)

Alright. I'll be cleaning out the shed for a couple of hours. See you guys later this evening.
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