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Capt Wally
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Stationair 8 it may very well have been me in that RFDS kingair at YMMB the other week, i've been in there a few times of late ! Damn waste of resource I reckon but that's another story
Love going out of there near M/T back to EN VFR & climbing like a homesick angel !You can peg the vsi at around 4000 fpm

I like flying into there as long as the twr is open, if not & it's busy with traffic in the circuit it can be a real pain!
I can recall back in the early 80's I hired a C210 TIZ for a boys trip to FLI. We got stuck on the Is for days due lousy wx (VFR in those days) & when I did manage to return to YMMB the wx was still RS! I slipped in via the eastern side of the airport (GMH, 118.1 twr I think) & then had to after much cloud dodging proceed via carum but still had in my mind from ATIS that I was to land on rwy 31R (118.1 told me to stay with them, one piece of swiss cheese lined up !)...........you guessed it landed on 31R (eastern side) purely 'cause it didn't occur to me (green pilot back then, trying to stay vis) that changing inbound reporting points made for a diff rwy....whooooooooopppppppppsssssss Twr guy was good (NO ESIR;s in those days) he simply said after I taxied off, take the next taxiway & ty for ldg on the wrong rwy!!!!, god how low can one feel !............oh well at least I learnt something that day, never to just 'assume'

Ah the good 'ole days, Need tissues now

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