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Moorabbin Airport Corporation are commencing much needed drainage works all along the Eastern side of the airport. Have a look at their website for more detail!
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All the trees and and mounds around the edge of the airport on the SE side from threshold 31R to the edge of boundary rd has been cleared, any idea if there is airport expansion planned?
Not in a million lifetimes.

Big new 'Wesfarmers' centre is being built. Bunnings/Coles etc.
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Moorabin Crop Dusters:

Let's not forget the contribution that Moorabin based Arthur Schutt made to the fledgling Australian Crop Dusting industry of the 1950~1960s. He expertly converted DH-82 Tiger Moths to spreaders and sprayers for companies such as Air Spread (Jack Marshall) and Super Spread (Ernie Tagell). This was a big contribution that only those who were there can appreciate.

My log book says that on the 19th May 1954 I accepted Tiger Moth VH-ATW (a duster) from Arthur Schutt at Moorabin and took it to Col Tobin at Albury. Col Tobin was the engineer responsible for the day to day maintenance of Air Spreads' Albury based DH-82 fleet. The departure from Moorabin was nothing more than taking off from a big grass paddock.

Prince of Dzun
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Hey this is so true.
I worked for Arthur Schutt from 1964 to 1967. Graham Schutt was my boss. These two great people in the aviation industry, established my career as a pilot. The gorgeous Cessna 182s at Shuttys VH-RET and Nicholas Air Charters Skylane VH-RHR convinced me to spend a lot of time at MRB. I went on to fly as a Capt on the L188 Electra and the B737 300 'til the 1989 Dispute f---- my career. Hey sh-- happens
John Bland.
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This could have something to do with it: No Cookies | Herald Sun
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I went on to fly as a Capt on the L188 Electra and the B737 300
That would have been a great relief to you after flying GA. At least in the airlines you wouldn't be shouted at by the CFI for writing up defects in the Cessna maintenance releases. Still happens too.
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Ansett under Sir Reginald.

I worked for 'Ansett Airlines' for 20 years. The best flying job ever. Any problems with the aircraft had to be written up in the 'Part 2'. No questions asked. Virgin is now doing what Ansett should have done.
Sad Ay!
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G'day John....Hows your PNR calculations these days ?

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Hi John, was your FO few times on the 73 until the events of 'the year that dare not speak its name'! I seem to remember that we were called out together off reserve a few times.

I left the country in disgust at the government and some of my fellow pilots and was lucky to get a fresh start overseas.

Why the heck a startup Australian airline named itself after a person who has never had sex, identified itself with a bearded Brit and didn't go after the Ansett name is beyond me.

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No Cookies | Herald Sun

Hopefully Paul Ferguson's story is the correct one.

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re Flying, GA, Ansett pre '89.

Hey Guys and Girls,
Not sure who is out there?
But please feel free to contact me via email, if you wish.
Love flying on those Jetstar A321s. (sad no cockpit visits, ah)
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Hmmm. Used to fly for Ansett, readily acknowledge that virgin now does what Ansett should have, and you fly on jetstar?
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