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Mothers hide your daughters cause the mighty TD is back
Aye, wise words:

Undoubtedly the daughters are already tucked away safely.
Even the ugly ones are not safe as long as there is beer and aquevit enough to drink 'em pretty.

Getting a bit boring after you stopped steering that 747 around South America, or is it the 767 course that is so easy that you have time for a forum visit again.
The 767 course was long and draining as I had forgotten most of what I never knew about the 767 anyway.

Driving 747s around South America was not a bad gig: Good food and pretty gals down there for sure: The latin beauties down South would trigger one mid-life crises after another, not good for my blood-pressure.

The other stuff we flew with that operator was mucho trips to Lagos from Johanessburg, we even got temporary basing in Jo-burg for a while.
The fancy hotel we stayed there gave the crews 50% off on food and beer.
With the hotel bar being infested by prostitutes it was never dull on the off-days.
Lagos sucked however, we did not bribe the right people and had to wait 8 hours for fuel on occasion: With an inop APU and no conditioned air and all the doors on the plane closed to keep mosquitoes and malaria out, we were rolling around in sweat only interupted by frequent ramp-checks by the local CAA.

We also flew quite a bit on China and Kazakstan. One could get Carlsberg beer in those places. The girls in Almathy was very friendly and many of them stunning. The place was kind of nasty in the winter however, not sure I would go back there if I had the choice.

So, uh what was this thread about again...?
Norwegian Air Shuttle?
Don't know a thing about them, just thought I should stop by and say hello.
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