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Hårek den Hardbalne
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I was suprised to see you around again, and forgot to answer this:
Wow, big words, who is this guy...?
The main man is Bjoern Kjos, a former Starfighter pilot. When Norwegian started their operation, and some good month later, I thought this is not for real. As many, if not all, new operators they were fighting with the cabin factors for months. But they kept on trucking with more B737s and more new destinations. For many it was like they were expanding themselves out of trouble.
But if you look at them today you're probably going to be pd off for not buying shares at the early stages of their operation. They are doing good, if what you read is close to the truth.
I am just afraid Kjos is driving this bigger and bigger and not necessarily better, and when the share value has reached a certain level, he will sell out and leave. I can understand the sell out, but if he leaves that company the future is probably going to be very uncertain.
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