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New York - HH6702 agree with everything you say about Jet2 to EWR think twice weekly would work perfectly well and by all accounts its more likely to be when than if. The AA pull out of the route was to high profile and almost certainly scarred off the likes of DL and CO. I am quite dissapointed by some of the negative comments from folks on the NCL thread to the Jet2 to EWR rumours. This is completely the opposite to what the folks in Cardiff were saying a couple of weeks ago when the press down in south wales picked up on the fact that Zoom UK were looking at doing Cardiff to New York. None of the snobery from folks down their about the fact that Zoom been a LOCO op and they would prefer a legacy carrier such as CO, CL or AA. Folks up here need to wake up to reality and realise that the best chance that NCL now has of getting a link to the big apple is from a loco airline.

EasyJet - Very dissapointing if the release we have had so far is all we are going to get in relation to their ops at NCL, to drop from 8 to 5 based aircraft is certainly bad news. This is not consolodation of services but a simple reduction. The fact that some posters are blaming the competition from Jet2 makes no sense as the routes EZY have dropped frequencies on or indeed have gone altogether are routes that JET2 and EZY don't compete on. As far as I can see for this winter they will only be competing on two routes these been Krakow and Malaga, neither of these has had capacity reduced this winter as opposed to last winter, indeed capacity has increased.

FLYBE - was speaking to FLYBE folks in Exeter a 5 weeks ago and the planned NCL base is on hold now for at least two years.
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