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Teenage Ramblings ...

Only a wild guess here but Germany - Could be perhaps more from TUIFly or Air Berlin ? And Italy - Alitalia or neos? perhaps.

And I wonder is Easy is going to start Luton, I did count up the schedules too and the weekends were adding up to six. I hope they don't leave NCL behind as I think they could do great things from here, especially to Poland.

And what about Jet2? Are they planning anything at the moment or are things stagnant for the moment? I think there could be a perhaps new route towards October maybe? Maybe 1 or 2 routes? ( What does everyone else think - Correct me if you think i'm wrong )

And what about the charater front, Are things still looking good for next summer? I heard that Punta Cana may have been cancelled, but looking on TOM's website it was still in the timetable but it wasn't bookable. And also I hear that Cancun is via MAN? If anyone has any details on that. And also on the TOM front, for summer 2008 do you think it could be 4 based aircraft - 1x 737 2x 757 and 1x 767 ? Or could it be just the 3 as 2x 757 and a 767? Or is the 767 not based and just being used for the flights?

And I wonder ( and only wonder here so again correct me if you think i'm wrong ) :- If EK flights are full and successful could we eventually see a 777 used on the service as what happened at BHX?

So, all in all, how is NCL doing? And what do people think about the future? I hope that all goes well and that Easy don't leave NCL behind.


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