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Sam, if you're talking about the 'Celebration of the Jaguar Retirement' thread, it was deleted by the thread's originator - a facility which is available to all users for any threads they may start.

While I've not been involved in any of the recent housekeeping issues in Mil Aircrew, regular users will be aware of the increasing incidence of 'Server too Busy' messages recently. This is a function of the increasing number of users - not necessarily registered ones - and the extra demands of the latest board software and some of the add-on tools that have been installed for your convenience. STB messages are not, despite the suspicions of some, an editorial tool!

PPRuNe runs on a couple of very flash - and expensive - servers, but even they are becoming overwhelmed by the load PPRuNe places on them. One way of reducing that load is to slim down the archives, much of which is of no particular value. I understand that there may well be some reductions to the number of forums, though it's unlikely that Mil Aircrew is at any risk!
There is the option of acquiring more or larger servers, but that costs serious dosh - and means that we would be chasing ever-greater user numbers and the advertising to pay for them. As none of us is without a life outside PPRuNe, that's not an attractive option. So the expansion of PPRuNe's user-base may well be at an end...

Rob may be a bit direct for the tastes of some of you, but you must realise and accept that you are here as the guests of Rob and Danny. Those of you who have purchased Personal Titles make a valuable and valued contribution to PPRuNe's running costs, but I'm afraid that does not imply any significant say into how the place is run - though, and this may surprise you, we do listen and take note of well-thought-through criticism whenever it appears on the site. Of course, those of you who pay nothing towards the running costs of the site can have no complaint when things are done here with which you disagree.

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