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Well you have certainly stepped off the fence.
You guys aren't customers. Don't kid yourself. You are users.
I think i used the term users in my post. I commented on the lack of customer care concerning your comments about us 'Users'. If advertisers are such a pain in the a**e i am sure they will be delighted to know your feelings for the money they chip in every month, and if they are such a distraction do with them what you do with us and just close them down, don't have them, it all sounds like too much stress. I am not on the political bandwaggon, and neither are the others on the Mil forum who want to discuss Somalia, Iran etc etc. These subjects affect Mil Aviators, there are US Aircraft involved in Somalia as we speak.
I hope you are more 'User' focused when you fly your 737, or are they fee paying customers, does that make a difference? A bit like your 'Users' who pay to subscribe maybe? I suggest if you dont wish your 'Users' to be rude on these forums, you practise what you preach.
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