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Threads closing suspiciously 2?

I am concerned by your statement below, were you in a bad mood this morning?

Aviation forums
Server totally overloaded
Aviation threads stayed - our choice. PPRuNe's worth exactly what you'd paid for it. We don't do PM's we have 130,000+ registered users to look after while flying the line. Secondary duties you see.
Don't like it? Vote hard with your feet. The service will improve for the rest. We choose to run an aviation forum for military folk. It's your choice whether you come or not. It's our choice what apears because we are paying for it not you. It really is that simple.
Regards from the Towers
Rob. This site now has an intrinsic value. That is clear from the number of banner adverts that appear, and at around 2000 for 3 months per advert, there is a calculatable value to the site. This site has that value, and the interest of advertisers because it has 130000 users.

The users here spend their time also, sometimes writing lengthy submissions which are censored or erased without warning/comment when they do not appear to be transgressing the site rules. Your post displays a complete lack of customer care. You guys that started this know the site has a value and that is because of the client base, i.e we the users. Your post smacks of the fact that you dont give a s**t. May i suggest that if the site takes up so much of your time, and not only do you not get paid for it, but you yourself are paying for the privilage then the best business solution would be for you to stop.

This site has grown to be the best, most used aviation forum in the world. It is generally frequented by intelligent people who have helped (by their contributions) make PPRuNe the success that it is. If the subject matter was not as interesting and as varied as it is, the site would not be successful.

You guys came up with the original idea, which was great, but the success of the site i.e the attraction for commercial advertisers is the fact it has an audience of 130000 people (thats us the contributors) interested in aviation, a captive audience.

For you to suggest that people clear off if they dont like it smacks of a complete lack of understanding of the relationship between the site, the advertisers and the users. The users that have made your site the success that it is deserve more from you than the rantings of a grumpy old man at 7am. Discussions on Somalia, Iran/Israel, Iraq deserve a lot more server time than 'The finish the sentance off thread'!

If you're suffering from lack of server space, try asking your members, if you are not running a commercial venture, it is amazing who has what out there. I have a very big server, want some?

Guess this will be on for less than an hour before it is erased/locked.
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