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CTC programme, can anyone explain?

I have heard a few things about a programme called the CTC programme from various people, but I don't know too much about it. I read in Airliner World (UK mag) about a female pilot who flies for easyJet who went through the CTC programme to ger employed as a first officer. Anyway, can someone tell me what it's about, in terms of the training and how it is connected with the airlines, eg, do they pay a percentage of the training?
I am 19 with a PPL-A and worked in aviation (just a flying school) until I got to University (doing European Business), and was hoping to work in the admin side of aviation in a big firm when I graduate in 4 years time. However, I have been flying a lot of Jets on FS2004 recently (I know it's not the same thing...), and have become a lot more interested in the actual flying side of an airline. I'm in the first year of uni', but if I was able to get myself onto a sponsorship scheme, I would probably drop Uni' and try to go for a career as a commercial pilot, but I don't want to end up like hundreds of other pilots with the ATPL, CPL and a type rating and no job... Your advice please?
Also, are there any other companies at the moment which are offering full sponsorship for young persons such as myself?
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