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Originally Posted by Rj111 View Post
I have had no flying experince, just a worrying obseseeion with the industry. Would it be worth my while getting one lesson before i go to the interview?

I know they say no flying experience is necessary but when you are sat around the table at the start of phase 3 and they ask you to introduce yourselves and say how many hours you have you might feel like a bit of a plonker if you haven't even set foot in a plane for a lesson!

I would really, really recommend getting at least a couple/few hours - First of all, you know you like the idea of flying but what if you actually don't particularly enjoy the physical flying itself? You'll either find that it ignites your passion for flying, which will show in your interviews, or that maybe flying isn't everything you thought - either way it's something worth finding out!

It'll give you a bit of first hand knowledge to answer questions with, and who looks more committed and motivated - the guy who turns up with 0 hours or the guy who turns up having paid off his own back to try and at least get a taste of flying?
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